“Fantastic presentation; love the content and style of presentation. I have heard similar topics before but this was the best. Sensible and practical advice” L.Thomas – Parent | Mt Hawthorn Trinity College WA

The internet is a magical place, full of great ideas and opportunities to discover, and whilst students may be the digital natives with all the knowledge on how to navigate their way through the intenet, they haven't fully developed the moral fibre or life experience to effectively cope with the ramifications of their actions online (digital footprint, sexting, online predators, online friends, pornograpghy!).

They need guidance on how to behave, how to cope and what to do when something goes wrong... and Robyn can help students and parents with that guidance.

Robyn believes that online safety requires an understanding of not only safe internet practices, but also knowledge and understanding of the digital world in which kids play, socialise and live – the cyber playground.

Effective cyber safety also requires a parent to understand their children and why they do what they do online (how does an adolescent think? Why are they sexting? Why do they always check their phone? Why do they behave the way they do!)  

Adolescents don’t see the internet and the physical world as two separate worlds, it’s just simply the world as one.

Through learning, listening, observing and engaging in fair conversation, parents can set boundaries and rules whilst earning their child’s respect and trust. This allows kids to feel safe talking to mum or dad about issues like cyberbullying, sexting or predators.

An all-round Cyber Playground educational evening for parents means children will have faith that mum or dad will not only understand their online world, they will also know what to do to keep them safe. 

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Trouble Keeping up With all the Apps Your Kids Are Using?

Do You Understand the Importance of Cyber Safety for Kids?

I am a Cyber Safety Expert and present seminars for schools including seminars and workshops for school students and their parents, and full day "intensive learn everything" workshops for anyone who teaches or looks after children and teens.

I'm Robyn Rishani and welcome to my world.

My world is the Cyber Playground and I've been in it for 20 years with adults, kids, kids turned adults and adults who are still kids. My concern and passion as a cyber safety expert stems from the time I have been online and everything I have seen and heard during that time. I feel that it is important for all parents and students to become, as I have, more aware than ever about the importance of being smart and safe online. Without knowing about online safety, social media and networking, video game dependency and pedophiles, your kids are at serious risk!

My interest in all things cyber, including the need for internet safety for kids stems from my deep seeded passion for video games and MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). I've been playing World of Warcraft for 8 years, and buy the latest First Person Shooters or fantasy games as they are released, mainly because the excitement of a new world captivates and intrigues me! I never used to worry about internet safety for kids…My interaction with kids and teens of all ages through these games has allowed me to investigate many of the issues that they confront (and see first-hand the need for child internet safety from pedophiles) when they are online, and they are open in telling me things because I understand their world and I am in it with them. I was raised along side the internet. As the internet grew, I grew with it, so I consider myself lucky that I was a teenager when dial-up internet first became prevelant in peoples homes.

I've probably played online games with YOUR kids and am playing online with them now most likely...But I'm not the one to be worrying about where a safe internet for kids is concerned...who else are your kids playing with? Behind the gates of the Cyber Playground lurk Cyber Bullies, Cyber Criminals, marketing scams and tracking and Child Groomers in the form of online paedophiles, leaving all of us to worry!

In the early days of the web, it was for the most part safe; internet safety for kids generally meant little as most kids did not get online. Today understanding the pros and cons of the internet has never been more important as they spend so much time there…. Not only at home but on their phones and at school, and without the right cyber safety solutions, your kids are at serious risk!!!

Where is Your Child? Who are they chatting to?

Are you worried about where your teen is online? How familiar are you with the Apps that they use? Does your child have a better mobile phone than you do? Do you really understand how important it is for you and your children to learn valuable internet safety lessons?

Are you having trouble keeping up with it and are you concerned about cyber safety for your kids? Do you know how to do your part with regard to child safety online?

Do you want to do your part to provide a safe internet for your kids?

Do you worry about Facebook safety and child safety online in general when your children's noses are in their iPad, smartphone, Facebook, chat rooms, forums, online games and Xbox? All of these need the right internet safety for kids put in place.

At home your child's bedroom door closes. For hours on end you hear nothing from your son or daughter. Worried, you ask them what they are doing. They reply "nothing", this is where you know you need to engage...but you don't know how.

Do you stand at the door waiting for more, concerned about who they're chatting with and nothing more happens? If this is how your child behaves, there has never been a bigger need for you to understand social media, mobile phones, gaming, cyber bulllying and everything else that happens on the internet

Far too many parents have no idea about the need for Facebook safety or the basics of internet safety for kids.

Are You in Need of Internet Safety Tips? Do you need to know more about Social Media?

Are you thinking about internet safety for kids at that point? What is it you do next? Do you understand what child safety online is all about and where to go for the internet safety tips you need? Do you know where to go to find an internet safety course, buy the right internet safety software? Do you need internet safety lessons?

Don't blame yourself for not knowing what the next step in child safety online should be. The Cyber Playground has grabbed a hold of your children's brains and will continue to hold them captive with or without your intervention, this is a new experience for many of us and internet safety tips are not things we learned from any parenting manual, but there are internet safety lessons available to you.

This new generation moves fast in this new playground and they LOVE it. They don't think about Facebook safety, or online safety for kids, and they don't care if you punish them. They've got mouse clicks and they're prepared to use them BUT they are not protected unless you provide the right internet safety for kids

They're playing in the Cyber Playground and have little to no interest in internet safety for kids. Do you know who they're playing with? Are they following the latest internet safety tips?

I've identified them over the years and can give you every little detail to help you understand online safety for kids better.

The Cyber Playground is here to stay and you need to understand child and teen internet safety to provide for child safety online! I can teach you how with a series of invaluable internet safety lessons!

I can tell you where they are and help you protect your children with internet safety tips. Keep reading...

"The night before she committed suicide, 14 year old Chanelle Rae was bullied online and was threatened that all her dirty secrets would be leaked to everyone she knew."

This isn't an isolated incident
1 in 4 Australian children have reported to be a victim of online bullying, and many cases go unreported. Could this be your child?

This might have been avoided with the right Facebook safety protocols….
This isn't an isolated incident there is a growing need for internet safety for kids.
It could be your kid if you do not teach them basic internet safety for kids! It is your job to provide the best possible teen internet safety you can!

The Cyber Playground – – do you know where your children play? Are you providing the best online safety for kids? Cyber Bullying, sex, MMORPG's, Video games, Live Chat, Facebook, protection from predators , Facebook safety, teen internet safety… 

This Virtual playground is filled with adult conversations and environments that most kids are not equipped to deal with! There is little concern about online safety for kids on the internet. In fact few of these sites have any internet safety tips posted and many of the sites your child visits do nothing about internet safety for kids. So it's up to YOU to understand this playground and to help provide a safe internet for kids, and then guide your children by instructing them in child safety online.

Do you REALLY know what goes on behind the locked gates of the Cyber Playground? Do you understand the need for Facebook safety?

Do you have the skills needed to ensure child safety online?

You NEED to know everything you can about internet safety for teens!!! I have a number of internet safety tips that can help…

If you don't know about internet safety for teens then you need to take some internet safety lessons so keep reading!

Should I be Concerned? - The Need for a Safe Internet for Kids

Are you a teacher? Do your students need guidance perhaps an internet safety course? Are you practicing cyber safety for kids in your classroom?

Do you take all of the necessary steps to provide online safety for kids?

Do you get confused, frustrated and tired at being left behind in the rapidly increasing world of technology? Do you need help understanding child safety online yourself or need some guidance about where to choose internet safety software?

Do you feel isolated and helpless to interact with your kids or help them understand child internet safety when they are playing a video game or chatting with friends on the internet? When your child is upset at having to stop playing do you know why?

What about internet safety software? Do you have it installed? Do you know how to use it to keep the internet safe for kids?

Our Parents Did not Have to Worry about Internet Safety for Kids

The realm of the internet is rapidly increasing and moving forward at a pace faster than most of us can keep up with and with it comes the need to create a safe internet for kids, not something our parents had to worry about! 16 years ago I had to go to a phone box to call my mother to pick me up from the shopping centre, no need for Facebook safety here. I had to send a letter to my friend who moved interstate with her family just so I could stay in touch;no worries about internet safety for teens with this. NOW we have the convenience of email or mobile phones, but with that convenience comes a need to be concerned about cyber safety for kids. The new emerging generations have grown accustomed with this evolving technology. Now we must teach ourselves about teen internet safety, and then teach our child safety online as well. 

Back then my mum knew almost all of my friends. We didn't have the internet and there was certainly no need to worry about child safety online!!!!

Who are Your Child's Online Friends... the Need for a Safe Internet for Kids is Now!

In just the past few years alone, Facebook, Twitter and a number of social networks have begun massively competing for our child's attention; this means a need for more awareness of child internet safety. The current generation of children are probably most exposed to the cyber playground and can navigate their way around instinctively but they are blissfully unaware of the need for child safety online  

Look how far we have come in such a short time:

  • 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patents the electric telephone
  • 1910 Thomas Edison demonstrates the first Talking Motion Picture
  • 1949 Network television starts in the US
  • 1951 Computers first sold commercially
  • 1968 Video game console invented by Ralph H Baer
  • 1990 World Wide Web invented by (debatably) Tim Berners-Lee
  • 2010 61.3% of Australians, according to www.internetworldstats.com, use the internet!

The Earth has been around for an awfully long time, and since the year 1 it has taken us almost 2000 years to get to the stage of having a computer with the ability to use it to communicate without leaving the comfort of our home; 

However in the last 20 years we have gone from using a standard telephone to chatting with hundreds of people at the same time from behind a computer screen! In only 20 years! Things are moving so fast!

In the last 20 years we have gone from using a standard telephone to chatting with hundreds of people at the same time from behind a computer screen! In only 20 years! Things are moving so fast! And the need has never been greater than it is now to teach your kids some basic internet safety lessons!!!!!

This rapid growth has created a need for better internet safety for kids!!

IMPORTANT:  Parents, you need to start learning about what your children do on the internet so you don't get left behind your kids! You need to learn this now so that you can effectively interact with your kids, and know what child internet safety measures are needed.
I have the key to the Cyber Playground and I can show you what internet safety lessons you need to know!

Teachers, students may be the digital natives with all the knowledge on how to navigate their way through the intenet, but they haven't fully developed the moral fibre to effectively cope with the ramifications of the actions online. They need guidance on how to behave, how to cope and what to do when they are being cyber bullied.

Are you aware of the cyber playground?... the etiquette, the social structures, and the dangers without the use of internet safety for teens? 

When you were a child, what did you do after school? Perhaps you went to the park with your friends and kicked the football or had sport practice; read books; chatted to your best mate over the phone (from a land-line!).NO need for teen internet safety here!! Or did you hang out with your mates at their house, watch TV, play video games, or whatever interested you at that moment, no reason to worry about internet safety for teens here either.

Our parents never had to worry about taking an internet safety course, that's for sure!!!

You never heard mum lecturing you about Facebook safety…..

Yes I did some of those things but... what is the Cyber Playground?  

Your kids' playground is no longer one that you can openly see. You can't run to their aid when they get hurt or are confronted with danger. You need to know everything you can about online safety for kids…

This expanding playground is the realm of the internet. There is no built in cyber safety for kids…. it is your job to create a safe internet for kids!!!!

It's a virtual playground, but one that can feel very real to your child, and without the right internet safety software one that can be very dangerous. It's where friends gather together to quest, chat, slay monsters; or develop tactics to conquer an intruding army. It's where people talk, get hurt or bullied, and confront many strangers and where the need for online safety for kids is vital.

The Cyber Playground – do you know where your children play? 

Have you taken the necessary steps regarding online safety for kids?

Why is it important for you to not only understand this cyber playground, but also have the know-how of interacting with you children?

So when your daughter is being bullied through a social networking app on her Smartphone and feeling isolated and trapped and too scared to tell you about it for fear of her phone being taken away, then you will not be one of those parents stuck in the dark, behind the closed doors of the cyber playground without a key! With the right internet safety tips you can be there when your kids need you the most!

Most importantly internet safety lessons can help protect and teach your child through involvement and interaction.  

Regardless of the age of your child, my internet safety tips will get you up to speed so that you are on the same page as your kids! There has never been a more important time to understand the need for better internet safety for kids or to take some internet safety lessons!

Invest in our children and organise an internet safety for teens seminar; they need you.

The online realm of games and communication is the new playground... so rather than fight it – get equipped to handle it, and give your children the teen internet safety tools to safely interact in it.

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Robyn Rishani is one of Australia’s Leading Cyber Safety Experts in what she calls The Cyber Playground. She is a passionate EDUCATOR, vibrant SPEAKER and the CREATOR and FOUNDER of Your Kids Online.

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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentations to our students and parents. Your presentation to our Year 8 and 9 students was perfectly pitched at their level of understanding. The students were receptive to your style and interactive with the questions they asked of you. You achieved the balance of presenting both the dangers and joys of " cyber technology" that raised awareness amongst our students of what to avoid and how best to do that without losing the ability to connect to the global village.
A number of parents rang following your evening presentation and they along with the College were impressed with your professional delivery of information connected to cyber bullying in layman's terms. Once again thankyou very much Robyn. We look forward to seeing you at the College annually"
Mr Granich - Student Services Manager | Ashdale Secondary College WA